About Us & What We Do


Favorite Flower:


Favorite Edible:

Winter Squash

Favorite Native:

Rattlesnake Master

Jonny Thomas here - owner of REGENERATE Garden Company, based in southwest Ohio, USA.


I come from a long history of farmers and ornamental gardeners hailing from California and the Midwest. My first job was working alongside my mother at a garden nursery and assisting her with various gardening jobs. We even built a heated greenhouse in our backyard so we could have a green sanctuary during the bitter Minnesota winters. I went on to study visual art and work in media production, but plants have been a part of my life all along. In 2013, I headed for the hills of central Costa Rica to learn organic farming and permaculture (producing food ethically, sustainably and in alignment with natural systems).


My next stop was New Orleans, Louisiana, where I became immersed in the urban farming scene. This time was vital in shaping my idea of how food-production can be highly localized and specialized to fit the needs of a community or an individual family. Eventually, it was time to return to my home-state of California, where I worked on a number of growing operations, including the CCOF certified Wild Blue Farm in Tomales, set amongst the dairy farms and beautiful rolling hills of West Marin county.  

In 2015, I began working as lead edible gardener at the Oakland, CA based Pine House Edible Gardens - led by author and revered designer, Leslie C. Bennet. Here I had the opportunity to exercise my food production skills within a high-end, ornamental framework. During my time at Pine House, one garden I managed was featured in Sunset Magazine and another in Better Homes & Gardens magazine.

In 2018, I moved to Southwest Ohio with my family. Based in the burgeoning Dayton area (and servicing all of SW Ohio), I'm focused on continuing my passion of creating beautiful, regenerative green-spaces.

My name is Phillippe and I'm currently raising over 150 houseplants (and one beautiful daughter named Stella). I first met Jonny while working on a Permaculture farm in Costa Rica in 2013.

My earliest gardening memory was walking through my Aunt’s jungle garden in Aguas Buenas, Puerto Rico. Being a landscape designer herself, she had a dynamic and lush tropical garden. I loved exploring it as a kid because it felt like I was deep in the rainforest! Ever since, plants have been a huge part of my life – and to this day I have a particular affinity for tropical plants and unusual/unique botanical specimens. 


In 2015, I acquired my Permaculture design certification and shortly after I began working at the Ann Wigmore Natural Health Institute in Rincón, Puerto Rico. Here I was manager of our on-site greenhouse and taught daily classes on composting, growing sprouts and microgreens, and wheatgrass juicing. My greenhouse duties included watering, starting dozens of seed-flats daily, harvesting greens and other edibles  for our chefs, pest management, tending to the landscaped areas, as well as overseeing the ongoing care and maintenance of the vegetable greenhouse and fruit trees.


My love of nature eventually brought me to the wild and wonderful state of West Virginia where I live with my wife Lauren and aforementioned daughter, Stella. Here I've managed several edible and ornamental gardens over the years, and have enjoyed applying the skills sharpened in tropical climates to the more temperate climate of West Virginia / Southern Ohio. I work closely with Jonny on plant selection, permaculture design projects, plant propagation, and indoor growing projects.

And hey, if all else fails, I have my 150 houseplants (and counting) to take care of!


Favorite Flower:

Royal Poinciana

Favorite Edible:


Favorite Native:

Paw Paw

Our areas of focus

  • native plants & pollinator gardens
  • permaculture design
  • low-maintenance landscapes
  • indoor growing & biophillic design
  • cut flower gardens
  • container & raised bed gardening
  • organic land care
  • medicinal plants

Our Philosophy

We grow food using regenerative methods, emphasize natural systems, and make ecologically-sound gardening decisions – but we're also here to dazzle. Our goal is to make collaborative, inviting spaces that integrate beautifully into your urban or suburban space –  versatile, high impact gardens that delight the senses and serve purpose. 



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