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Beauty + Productivity

We help folks grow beautiful, chemical-free landscapes that also produce food, sequester carbon, capture rainwater, and promote biodiversity. With a blend of horticulture, ecology, and urban agriculture, we strive to build gardens that make sense for a changing world – and invite you to join the fun!




My name is Jonny and I work with a small team to help you realize an amazing, meaningful garden space. I come from a long line of green thumbs and have worked with plants everywhere from the mountains of Costa Rica to the urban hub of San Francisco, CA.


Our Services

We tailor our gardening services to fit your needs. Every project is different!

Whether you're a home-owner looking to get more ecological function from your property, a chef looking to produce fresh ingredients for your restaurant, or a business looking for ways to cultivate wellness and morale in the workplace, we can help! 

Gardening Tools

We've been working with plants for years! Whether you are working from scratch or want to improve upon your existing garden or green space, we can work with you to ensure you have the best information available to optimize your growing.


We specialize in designing functional gardens with beautiful structural design. Examples of projects include raised-bed vegetable gardens, natural garden playscapes, native plant gardens, and edible perennial landscapes.


Keep your landscape healthy, productive, and beautiful! Although many of our gardens are designed to be low-maintenance, it is almost always essential in the early stages of a garden to be tending to it on a regular basis. 

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 productive garden to fit your needs and budget.


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